Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources department’s aim is to evaluate and achieve strategic goals of both the company’s and its employee’s current and future vision and needs.

·         Recruitment and Placement of employees is based on meeting the advanced vision of the company's culture and shared values ​​by placing employees in appropriate and efficient positions which are both beneficial for the employee as well as the company.

·         Our Applied Performance System is designed to disseminate the company's strategy and objectives, evaluate the employees' performance, professional & personal development in an objective way and to continuously improve and allow for growth in these areas.

·         According to the capabilities of the employee, we provide appropriate training development and working conditions to ensure just and equal opportunities for all.

·         Farmasi managerial positions are appointed by giving opportunity to existing employees within our company.

·         We put great emphasis on protecting and ensuring the moral and material rights of our employees.

·         We acknowledge, reward and promote successful staff regularly.

·         We make every effort to establish and maintain a happy and successful environment for all our staff.