About Farmasi

More Than a Half-Century of Experience in Cosmetics, Health and Wellness…

FARMASI’s story of extended success was started 65 years ago by its main hero Dr. Cevdet Tuna,  founder and key success factor of the company, reflecting the knowhow and disciplines of medical and pharmaceutical industry to all his work and employees.

Since then, FARMASI has been one of the leading, reliable, fast-growing and top exporting companies in Turkey. Always going after the latest technology, manufacturing equipment and innovation, has improved the quality of its products, functions and management skills.

Now, located in İstanbul, Turkey, Farmasi is producing more than 2.000 products with a full automation target in its 5 integrated factories; Personal Care&Perfume, Make-Up, Wet-Wipes, Plastics and Laminated Tube.

Farmasi has a wide variety of products in many categories like; Personal Care, Skin Care, Hair Care, Foot Care, Make-Up, Fragrances, Oral Care, Depilatories, Intimate Care, Baby Care, Men Care, Wet Wipes and Household Cleaners, some of which has the sub-brands; Dr. C. Tuna & Mr. Wipes. 

Each Farmasi product is manufactured with the highest standards and certified by the independent international companies and laboratories such as GMP, HALAL and ISO 9001.

Powered by its integrated production plant, dynamic structure and human resources, Farmasi Board of Directors decided to enter the Multi Level Marketing (MLM) World in 2010. By this strategic decision, now Farmasi is not only producing beauty, healthcare and wellness products with high quality but also changing people’s lives by giving them the wings to fly to their dreams. Rapid growth of MLM business was not a surprise for Farmasi and already gave hand to 15 countries to enter this world with its MLM start-up tools.  

Farmasi by numbers: In 123 countries, reaching 350 million people all over the world via 350.000 consultants, with more than 2.000 products in 13 categories produced in 5 integrated factories.

Supported by 3 generations of Tuna family, it is not hard for Farmasi to reach its target; being the leader in MLM and continuously growing in healthcare, wellness and cosmetics.