Dr. Cevdet Tuna

Dr. Cevdet Tuna was born in Edirne, Turkey in 1923. He was second eldest of 9 children. Tuna graduated from the Haydarpaşa High School in 1941 after which he went to Germany to pursue his education at The Goethe University Medical School. Upon graduation, with a great longing for home, Tuna immediately returned home to Turkey.

Dr. Cevdet Tuna began working in Hadimkoy, Istanbul, as the sole lieutenant physician and often traveled with no resentment for miles on his horse to Thrace to treat the wounded soldiers there.

In 1952, Tuna established Tege - one of the first five pharmaceutical factories in Turkey to produce conventional medication. Here, he formulated the first Turkish cough syrup, cough tablet, painkiller and burn ointment. With total dedication to his work, Tuna personally oversaw all aspects of production step by step including developing new formulas and eventually establishing the first assay laboratory in Turkey.

After 22 years of immense devotion and much expansion of his business, Tuna sold the shares of his company to a Foreign Invested Enterprise.

Between 1977- 1995, Tuna was engaged with importing medicinal raw materials to supply over 13,500 nationwide pharmacies who hand-crafted their own medications. During this period he simultaneously acted as a trustee for several small and medium sized domestic drug companies.

In 1998, Tuna established the Tanalize Cosmetics and Farmasi brands. Today, Farmasi produces approximately 2000 different products including the Dr. C Tuna series; the medical line of Farmasi.

Through his 63 years of professional business life, Dr. Cevdet Tuna had loving principles for his work, believing that employees are the most valuable assets of a company and that investing in their wellbeing and education was crucial. It was this infinite honesty and devotion to his employees, family and animals that he is admired and loved by all.

Currently, Dr. Cevdet Tuna is the honorary president of Tanalize Cosmetics and occasionally visits Farmasi Cosmetics which is currently managed by his son, Hakan Tuna, who continues to lead with the same dedication, work ethics and insight as his father.