Production & Certificates

With our 5 factories, Farmasi Cosmetics is an integrated productionfacility...

With a 60.000m2 facility,Farmasi Cosmetics has a daily production capacity of 1000 tons. FarmasiCosmetics’ unique approach is that the facility contains 5 separate factoriesside by side producing personal care, wet wipes, make-up, plastic packaging andtubes. Farmasi Cosmetics a complete and integrated facility.

Private Label Production with one ton daily capacity....

With one tondaily capacity, Farmasi Cosmetics, also provides Private Label production forPersonal Care, Fragrance, Wet Wipes, Toothpaste and Packaging Tubes, We canalso provide the most effective and competitive solutions for large businesses,chain brands and department stores.


ISO 9001:2008 CertificateGMP CertificateCertificate of Conformity
to Turkish Standarts
TSE  - Eurofresh Toothpaste
Certificate of Conformity to Turkish Standarts
TSE Shampoo
Certificate of Conformity
to Turkish Standarts
TSE Shaving Cream
Indiana University / Toothpaste Certificate 1
Indiana University / Toothpaste Certificate 2Helal CertificateGıdaya Temas Eden
Ambalaj Üretimi