6 Common Make-Up Mistakes

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1.     Not Moisturize Your Skin Well:

Secret of well look of make-up on your face is using right moisturizer. Regardless of your skin type; oily, combined, normal or dry skin, for homogeneous distribution of make-up and not standing like a mold, you should use proper moisturizer according to your skin type.

2. Choosing Wrong Lipstick:

Foundation is a make-up product that enhances permanence of make-up and closes faults while providing the balance of skin color. Choosing much light color or much dark color than your skin creates unnatural view on your skin, in other words, there is a mask on your face.

It is important that you should not try the foundation above your hand, definitely. Right part for trying the foundation is area of jawbones that neck and face are merged. After applying the foundation onto this area and then distributing, if it is matching with your face and neck, you are on the right way.

Well, what will you do when your skin color is changed in summer because of bronzing?

Again, you should select proper foundation according to your skin tone or you can mix your foundation with the darkest one and you will catch the suitable tone for yourself.

3. Excessive Usage of Mascara:

Usage of mascara is highly important to make your eyes and glances more highlighter. But you should not exaggerate. Succesive amount of mascara makes your lashes dry and harden as a stone; instead of standing intensive, it causes attached look and clustering. Preventing this situation, you should wait after applying the first coat and for other coats you should perform zig zag movements on your lashes. If the structure of mascara is convenient, you can apply for 3 or 4 coats but it is important to wait among coats. Also, you should pay attention that your lashes are dry and clean before applying. Usage of lash crimper is increased the efficiency of mascara.

4. Applying Wrong Blusher:

Choosing the best blusher for your skin color makes your make-up more attractive. Selection and application of blusher is highly important.you should consider your face form while applying blusher. After touching to blusher with your brush, you should shake it off and then apply it. Thus, you can grab a natural appearance. If your blusher is more than necessary, you can take excessive amount by using powder lightly.

5. Excessive Usage of Powder:

Powders are irreplaceable make-up products that immobilize make-up and provide smooth view. But if powder is used too much, it is restored our face into artificial view. Besides, applying too much powder around eyes is highlighted wrinkles while drying the skin. If powder is more than necessary, you will splash a little water onto your face after healing your eye make-up and than take excessive amount of powder by the help of towel.

6. Overly Dark Eyebrows:

When you color your eyebrows more darker than its color, for signalising, you move away from naturality and bring more stiff and artificial look. 

For more natural result, you should fill your eyebrow with the help of a brush and closest or lighter tone than your eyebrow, with small and side movements. With either same tone or lighter than its tone, you can also fill your eyebrows by applying small movements again in the direction of eyebrows. Finally you can fix your eyebrows with the help of eyebrow mascara.

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