Tips For Permanent Lipstick

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1. Prepare Your Lips
Be sure that your lips are smooth. Therefore, you can mix olive oil and honey, apply to your lips, and get rid of scurfs on your lips. You should repeat this routine one or two times in a week. After that, for moisturizing your lips, you should apply lip balm, definitely.

2. Applying Powder and Lip Pencil
For filling your lip lines, you should definitely apply powder softly with the help of a brush. Thus, you can enhance the permanence of lipstick and provide smooth appearance. Before applying your lipstick, you should frame your lips with a lip pencil that is matching the tone of the lipstick or lighter than its own tone, but do not forget the harmony of lip pencil with lipstick!
 Sharp and dark color of lip pencil is spoiled the naturality of your lips. You should avoid this in daily make-up.

3. Application
If you want a clear display, you should definitely apply the lipstick with a brush. Regarding to color of lipstick, you should pay attention to yourself instead of trend and make sure that it is proper for the place that you will go and make-up that you will do. Besides, you better prefer nude tones for your lips if your eye make-up is intensive.

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