Take Care of Your Skin

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How you can take care of your skin makes you provide more healthy and better view. Except genetic factors; sufficient sleep, water that you drink during the day, protection from sun, keeping away cigarette and alcohol, consuming healthy food are highly important. As well as, always cleaning the skin, purifying and moisturizing are also important.

Skin care step by step:

1. Cleansing:

No doubt that clean and purified skin from dirts and make-ups, is the basic step of skin care. It is essential to wash your skin with a proper cleansing product two times in a day (morning and evening) for an ideal skin cleaning.

2. Usage of Tonic:

In a daily care, using tonic is the second important step after cleansing the face. Tonic is purified the skin from rest of residual make-up  and all dirts that face is exposed to whole day and is useful for tightening pores.

3. Moisturizing:

Moisturizing your skin is the last step of basic care. Especially you have a dry skin, this step is highly important for you. If you have oily skin, it is also important to moisturize your skin, only we advice you should use an oil free formula for moisturizing. In this step, you should prefer a cream that is suitable for your age and the type of your skin. In particular, you should pay attention to SPF in daily moisturizers that is prevented from sun burns, brown spots and wrinkles that are caused by sun rays. While moisturizing your skin, do not skip your neck never and ever.

Eye cream is highly important for eye contour care. You should take care of using suitable eye cream and moisturizing cream for your age.

Other Steps;

a. Serum: If your moisturizing cream is not enough, you can also use serum.

b. Peeling: Peeling is an important step for purifying the skin from dead cells. You can apply this operation one or two times in a week.

c. Masks: Moisture mask and clay mask should be selected according to your skin type. If you feel that you need to apply this type of mask, it is highly important to put it in order.

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